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Shadow in the yard, walking! Love the full moon.

Activity for the night: footsteps on the 2nd floor which stopped at the landing of the staircase. Heard from the dining room.

KII in the doorway of the first floor bay window room, pegging to yellow.

Rem pod on the dining room table.

Mag light in the basement slave quarters & fireplace room turning on and off when asked in question response.

The sun room has not been investigated in quite a while, but ton ight we did.Our KII meters were pegging to red standing above the cistern.

Back upstairs in the dining room the dowsing rods were very active & answered to being a man.

2nd floor, in what I call “the crabby man’s room”, we stayed for a long time being quiet just to listen to the house. I decided to start saying names of previous tenants from the early 1900’s & both our KII meters were pegging to red!!

Shortly after I felt something touching my left calf.

Looking out the window, my partner in crime for night saw a shadow in yard for a split second in between the house & the trees. With the help of the full moon these occurrences are much easier to see.

Several times we have seen them running through the yard & disappearing. We continued to watch for a bit, then took a walk to the front bedrooms. In the hallway at the front of the house, a “sigh” was heard. Was the spirit bored with us or tired of our visit? Last stop bay window room 2nd floor.

We relaxed in chairs by the windows to enjoy the light of the full moon. Used the pendulum, asked the spirit to “show me yes” it swung left to right. Asked the spirit to “show me no” it swung forward and back toward me. The question/answer session lasted approximately 10 to 15 minutes and stopped.

We were pleased. It was late and we were sleepy, decided to gather our equipment and leave. We were happy with our investigation, never taking for granted the slightest bit of a noise, a KII peg, a mag light flash.

Any response from a spirit is appreciated and the hotel never seems to disappoint. Sent from my iPhone

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