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3rd night sleeping here!

We are all in 1 big bed for now.

My son once asleep never wakes.

My wife is always on the fence, she can go from sleep to talk in a flash.

I’m the one that wakes up from the cat walking in the hallway.

Last night I heard several sounds from the basement staircase, 6 ft from the open bedroom door and as always the 2nd floor. Metal banging, and footsteps. But more like shuffling than walking. Like someone trying to be quiet!

I noticed the cats don’t roam around upstairs, especially at night.

We are all bracing ourselves for when the weirdness begins.

I’m very familiar with the history. I know it’s going to be creep, but I’m going to not budge.

We will start taking guests in March.

They can sleep with the ghosts on the 2nd floor, Attic or if you’re brave the basement!

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