6th night sleeping here!

For the record this creepy stuff freaks me out.

This morning I looked at my watch and the same time as last night, 1:37am I keep hearing a very loud noise in the attic. The only thing up there is a couple of dozen antique rockers, church pews, and chairs.


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I knew living here it was only a matter of time!

1st let me explain the bedrooms, and how we sleep in this creepy place! My son, 3 dogs, 3 cats all sleep directly below the "Grumpy mans room", on the first floor. I get up at 3, and I'm not exactly a

Saturday 11/21 8pm Tour!

1 woman's hair was being touched in the Attic, she reluctantly entered the Crabby Mans room and conveyed she was immediately stricken with severe sadness-which vanished upon leaving the bedroom. Anoth

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