“I watched as my sleeve moved up my arm“, on it’s own.

Updated: Oct 7

Bachlerette party 10/4/2020

We didn’t know what to expect. We had no idea if they would be wild!!! Thankfully they are all mature, polite and respectful.

The activity started immediately

Up in the attic was heard a very, loud and clear scratch/bang mixture coming from the side of one of the guests chairs, and the said he could feel the vibrations of whatever it was.

The tour moved down to the fireplace room and we started to talk about all of the people who died here, and how they died.

The same man, was sitting next to me in the fireplace room closest to the windows, and something tugged on his shirt fairly hard. He freaked!

After that, he got up and ran outside,

discontinuing the rest of the tour, and I even felt like crying or a feeling of sadness came over me.

He said, “I watched as my sleeve moved up my arm“.

In the dungeon and fireplace room, we had active mag lights and dousing rods.

One of the girls on the tour did not believe in ghosts and was a bit sarcastic about the whole thing, but the mag light would not come on unless she asked it too. I like skeptics!!!

A guest heard growling in her ear and something also tugged on her jacket sleeve.

Something touched a gentleman’s face.

A young lady heard whimpering, and her arm was touched. This was grump’s Room.

Something was scratching the stone wall.

The evening was perfect!


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