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Daytime tour, on a Sunday...the most active daytime tour to date!

This was from 2009: The hotel was in full gear for a Sunday during the day. Before the tour even started, I went inside to change my clothes alone. As I walked in I said Hello, and heard a little girl say "HI" from up the stairs.

After I changed, I was walking toward the door and lightly shoved out. It felt like a light one handed shove.

As the tour proceeded, a woman said she heard the doorknob for the bay window room turning and when she looked she saw it rattling.

On the second floor, Tiffany and another guest heard a little girl humming a song.

As we continued up to the attic, once all the guests were upstairs, the door to widows walk in the attic swung open. Then, when everyone was walking down the stairs, something grabbed the tip of my boot and dragged me down 5 or 6 steps. I could feel the pressure of finger tips on my toes through my boot.

As we went to the basement, things got even more interesting. Immediately the PX box said "show" in a female voice. Suddenly the flashlight we placed on the table turned on and we heard the piano playing a tune upstairs.

Everyone was in the basement. When the piano stopped playing the flashlight turned off.

As we were discussing the history of the basement, one of the flashlights we place in playdough turned on when she was holding it at the base of the playdough. Then, she said she saw a shadow walk slowly across the work room which is locked.

We heard someone from up the basement steps say "get out" and the PX box immediately said "Now" in a male voice.

As tiffany and I said we needed to go upstairs, the flash light the guest was holding in the playdough and a guest's flashlight on the table both turned on.

That was probably the most activity we have had during a daytime tour

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