6 people out of KC, 4 teens and 2 adults-crazy night!

Updated: Jan 17

This family, from Kansas City arrived at 7pm Saturday night. The 4 teenagers, and 2 adults. Good looking, smart, and approachable. Mom looked ready! Dad big strong and in control. Kids fearless!

The young adults immediately woke up the house.

They all set up in #1 Annabelle's, and the #3 grumpy man's room.

brief notes :

The girls heard running in the attic while in #3, then they found the parents on the same floor not in the attic.

Video showing the white mist, and shadows in motion. Waiting to see it, and share!!!

Once in the slave dungeon the door slowly closed as the entire family watched from within the room.

Girls mentioned something touching their rear not sure yet who or where?

The baby rocking chair was rocking on it's own again in the attic , it's loud enough to hear on the floor below. The people below heard the motion. Then "Costco" our old male cat scratched on their door, and coaxed them to

follow, and the cat ran up the stairs to the attic and straight to the rocker-?

Dad was standing next to his son in Annabelle’s suite, when the father felt someone blow on his neck.

In suite #2 was a quiet curious couple that checked In earlier, no kids. They live Close by. Not in a rush, watching and listening to the action. They had a quiet night. The spirits tend to go towards the high energy. If you leave them alone, they tend to do the same...I’m going to try to get this lady “Katie” to be a guide, fearless, loves the paranormal and lives close by.

The father said he got a evp, saying “katie”!

We will have cameras going next time this KC team enters..


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