Friday night, Shadows walking!

Busy night at the hotel.

3 of us ghost hunting. No large groups. No BS. The house rules!

We had KII up to yellow in the bay window room, attic & basement.

We used mag lights in the bay window room, attic & basement. Never gets old, watching flashlight turn on and off on its own.

Saw a shadow in the attic.

Tour guides sister was touched across her back.

In the basement 2 mag lights were used, one red, one blue. The red one was turning on & off answering our questions until we asked “can you turn on the blue flashlight?”, then the spirit used the blue one for communication.

We also used dowsing rods & a pendulum.

The questions we asked led us to believe the spirit was a man, he was the only spirit in the room with us.


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Shadows walking in the attic.

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