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Was it because he was provoking?

3 ladies,2 middle aged women and a 15 yr old staying in the bay window room. Initially the youngest thought she would go it alone in the attic overnight. She changed her mind! Wise young one!

Another couple slept in Annabel’s room. It was his birthday(49), so Rhea made a chocolate cake!

The birthday boy asked for a sign. They had succeeded in getting the attention of one of the spirits. He later stated he felt he was unwelcome, and then his partner noticed a scratch on the back of his neck.

It was a quiet night until the gentleman asked if they could show me something “drain my phone“! He said in the dungeon room “it is the only scary room tonight” in his opinion. Well the spirit showed him that he was not being ignored. Physical contact happens-be especially to those that push the limits! I wasn't there so I don't know.

He left the basement quickly saying later he knew he wasn’t welcome any longer! This typically happens when people are rude, or belligerent, especially when provoking? He stated “it didn’t hurt”, but he knew it was time to leave the dungeon area. It’s usually men that get scratched, and it’s been awhile since it happened. It vanished quickly, as it always does!

3 of the 5 visitors heard a screeching from something at the bottom of the attic stairs when they were about leave the attic. Yep it was waiting for them!

One of the guests said they also watched as an open door slowly closed. As if trying to not be noticed-being covert. Come to think of it, the doors never get slammed shut like in the movies?

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