Man stays overnight, hunts by himself!

Updated: 2 days ago

Dennis showed up, and a initial conversation and it was obvious he's one of those guys

that spirits will come out of the woodwork towards. I’ve been watching investigators for years. Some of the people have this essence or air about them. This guy knew what was going to happen, he would walk in and the place would come alive!

I thought, “I’m out of her, good luck and I’ll see you at breakfast”! I didn't want to see what

would come out when he started his hunt!

He brought cases packed full of gadgets, tools, and secret stuff!

Something was touching the back of his neck, so he took a infra red picture-

He asked if anyone was in the room.

We have a crystal clear response, female saying "Katie", then a male voice saying "Don"!

Here's what else he experienced!

"I didn’t see any apparitions or black/white masses moving in or around the room that night. That’s what I was hoping for, but they’re not on command unfortunately.

I did get a ton of knocks and seems like footsteps outside the room.

I did hear very faintly on two occasions female voices, one I believe was a woman & the other a younger girl. But like I said, very faint.

There is definitely activity there, and what I did catch was amazing.

I’d like to come back and give it another go sometime soon, who knows what else we could find. A lot to unearth for sure".

Thx, Dennis


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