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Only come out when needed.

It's very unexpected but the only time we've had anything happen is when something is getting out of control. Like when our youngest couldn't settle down, and things were getting out of control. My wife felt someone place their hand on her shoulder and it kind of worked toward getting her to relax no fear no drama no bad spirits or bad intention. Whatever was here is still here but its on our side!!!

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Something stopped by for a visit....

I've been saying for almost 2 years, the ghosts leave us alone. I think I need to shut up, because frankly I have no idea who or what is listening. 1/10 @ 9PM, my wife and son are in the Bay Window ro


It's not open to the General Public at this time. But it will reopen as a B&B in the future. It's got to much to offer to just let it sit locked up. Patrick


I’m confused. I thought this whole thing was closed now?

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