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Phil has been resting in the Attic, too tired to drive home...

Over the last 3 weeks we have been carefully finishing the amazing old wood floors, made of Cedar, some are Pine, as well as Oak. Using a clear finish, no color or stain added yet the floors are deep dark red, brown colors. No knots, signifying old growth timber. Keep in mind these floors are original, repairs have been done using flooring from areas we harvested from in the building-no new flooring, all vintage old beaten up, heavily traveled floors!

Phil is a 58 year old US Marine combat veteran, so he has outgrown fear. He said yesterday that thru out the night, with doors locked below, he hears what sounds like tools being thrown, and or picked up and slammed back down.

He said, " I simply told them, I'm not leaving, I'm here to finish the floors, don't bother me!".

Phil is heavily armed, in case the living come to call uninvited. As for the spirits, he says they have an understanding. He minds his manners, stays on his floor, they do the same....

This guy is small, like 4'11". But a mighty, brave, fearless, disciplined co-worker...

We are lucky to have him on the team!

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