Shadow walking, 3 quick subtle knocks!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Yesterday I stayed in the bay window room, because it’s got a huge bay window area full of windows-at night it’s very nice because of the unusually tall windows letting the night sky in.

Friday 2:37am I was already awake, not sure why. Then 3 fast knocks on the window. Dog still sleeping, so much for my early warning system. Wife wakes and says, “cat fight“! I kept my mouth shut. No cats. Unless I have a cat with unusual skills?

Saturday 1:35am ”Mack“ the 50 lb puppy wakes up, growling low as he follows something cross the room slowly turning his head. Rhea asks out Loud, “did you just cross In front of the door, in the hall“? I was in bed.

I think the spirit we keep seeing and hearing wants his room back. I just hope that we don’t wake all the spirits up on the same night!

I remember a couple years ago there was a group in the piano room that said they had four or five shadows moving around in the room, hell no!

Im not ready for a room full of the creepy one’s.

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