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Subtle, easily missed paranormal activity for the week!

WEATHER RADIO SUNDAY NIGHT : 1st floor bay window suite. Rhea was just starting to fall asleep, as well as my son. Sitting on the nightstand was an emergency weather radio, crank it up and it’s going to run for about 5 minutes.

So the lights are off, 7yr old is trying to sneak a cell phone under the covers to play with his flight simulator.

The LED light on the radio, turns on. No loud click from the on/off button. Somehow it just comes on.

FOOTSTEPS MONDAY NIGHT: 2nd floor corner suite. I woke up to the sound of 7 maybe 8 footsteps. Above me in the corner suite. Then silence. Important note, it was a stormy, with lightning kind of night!

INTERIOR DOOR TUESDAY MORNING : 1st floor prostitute’s room. Louis calls me to his side. He said watch this. He opens the hall door, we sit there. Nothing, 15 minutes I’m going. He stops me, 5 minutes late. This time I am leaving. The moment I said I’m going-the door slowly creeps closed, not completely but almost closed.

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