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Thank you for letting us stay the night.

Hey patrick, it's kaysie, when you told me that you had a little girl named Annabelle that lived there a long time ago I thought I wouldn't see anything in human form like that... When I was sitting on the balcony I was looking over towards the river and I seen your wife and son walking and I was like oh he has a daughter... cool

She had blonde hair that was pulled up in pig tails and was walking slowly by your son almost looked like she was a real person because I couldn't see through her like you would see a normal ghost what confused me thinking I was crazy was my dad saying there was nothing there, but I insisted there was a girl.

I know what I saw!

The rocking chair I don't know exactly which one though it sounded like the one with doll in it because it's right above us.

And our meter kept going off when we were not touching it. It went into the red on the screen which was high.

We had the lamp in the bedroom come on by its self, when we were not messing with it.

I was standing by the dresser and heard a loud sound of hinges closing and lookEd over and the main door to the room was closing by itself.

We heard footsteps down the hall coming towards our room.

We heard a loud voice sounded like a woman.

My dad heard something downstairs across the house.

Thank you for letting us stay the night.

It was fun and creepy. The rocking chair above the bay window bedroom.

The road to the bridge.

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