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The conversation between the retired tank mechanic and the grumpy spirit in Suite No. 3

Being "an old lady" myself, I need routine. From my chatting, "grumpy" has a lot to be angry about. I believe he was 51 years old when he died. He was a black man who served his country in WWII. He managed to survive the war, only to return to a country where he was considered a second class citizen. He was unable to vote for Harry Truman in the 1950s, but he wanted to. The law said he could, but I bet the white people wouldn't let him. He seemed concerned when I asked him if he was a black man. The light would dim, then less dim, then dim .. not off or on. When I told him he should be proud to be black, he quickly turned the light off when I asked him if he was a black man. He was the man that got shot. I believe he was shot by a white woman. This woman was either his girlfriend or a prostitute. Maybe his girlfriend shot him because of a prostitute. It didn't seem right to pry in such a personal manner. He liked Harry Truman, Betty Davis, Jackie Robinson, baseball, I Love Lucy, Rock and Roll He did not like Elvis, Gunsmoke, Jazz, Shirley Temple He likes 1950s music .. prefers the slow stuff. I didn't just ask him questions, I "related" with him on common subjects. Military, war, PTSD, age, music.. I spoke to him with the respect you should show a United States Military War Veteran

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