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The look in her eyes, “I'm going to sleep in a hotel with ghosts”!

2 ladies, and a very brave 15 year old checked in early Saturday afternoon.

One of the 3 is a fearless retired Army Tank Mechanic. When I interviewed her the next morning, she had an interesting story.

One of the 3 ladies didn’t need, or want to be there. The look in her eye simply said, “yikes, I'm going to sleep in a hotel full of ghosts”!

The bravest was only 15. She said she felt a little child brush against her. She was ready for it, her mom not so much.

The frightened one said something about sleeping in her car. I did not have the heart to tell her that in the past spirits follow people out to their car.

This is not a place you go to, if you want a typical quite night, or even a predictable night, and especially if you know in your heart you don’t want to see, and or hear anything paranormal.

For years we have been saying the spirit in bedroom #3 acts like a grumpy old man. The tour guide showed these ladies how to call out, and connect with spirits using a flashlight and asking yes or no questions.

So the “Army Tank Mechanic” decided to see what would come to her room that night. Well the old grumpy one was listening. But she said he first was messing with the toilet seat.

For 2 hrs she asked questions. He was in World War II. He was a cook. 51 Yrs old. Not white. Shot, and Killed in this suite #3. I’m going to try to get the whole story! 2 hrs is nuts, I told you she was fearless!

I’ll try to get more details today.

When they return I’ll put digital recorders with them. I will not follow them, no way. In fact I’ll be sure to keep my distance.

Patrick landlord of the creepy!

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