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10yrs ago. The night Shawn was tossed like it was easy, he's 280 lbs.!!!

It was hot as hell and everyone was grumpy, me included.

We were in the basement listening to the girls do their thing in the far back room when Elliot and I decided we needed to be out of that room. It was getting stuffy and the girls ( I'm sorry to say) were annoying us.

We walked into the room just the other side of the stairs and started doing our own investigating. We taunted a little bit and Provoked a lot.

I was in an irritable mood and I'm sure it came out in my provocation. I don't really recall what I had to say other then I insulted the strength and virility of the Male Entity that was "running around scaring girls"

All of the sudden I found myself eye to eye with Elliot, keep in mind he is 6 foot 11 and I am 5 foot 10 and then thrust backwards into a wall.

The only thing I can keep firmly in my mind is that I saw the wide eyed expression on Elliot's face as I went backwards. when I landed I heard Beth scream my name and Elliot was reaching to help me up. I think I went through some drywall but I'm not sure. I ended up with some bumps and a few scratches but all in al I was fine,

I immediately went out side to gather myself then went tearing back to reclaim my dignity. I continued to taunt and provoke but nothing else happened the whole night

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