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The paranormal activity started the minute they walked in the door!

This is a message from 2 hard core paranormal investigator, that stayed Friday night! They are the type that will show no fear, and it’s obvious in their sincerity.

“ye who enter here “ this place is haunted AF!! Our activity started as soon as we got here and didn’t let up for 24 hours!!!

Details of the night to follow!

I LOVE this place! I could easily live here-nothing “demonic” ( bite me, Ghost Adventures!!) but very paranormal!!

Patrick and Rhea are ABSOLUTELY charming and to a SERIOUS paranormal investigator ( like my husband and I) or any sensitive/medium (like myself), this place is THE BEST!! (also the quiche in the morning plays a big part in that!).

This is not our LAST visit to Morse Mill and I hope eventually we can help in setting things “right”, retrieving the journal, and giving History a chance to speak for itself.

Thank you, Patrick and Rhea, for making SU casa Mi casa!

Hope to see you soon!!


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