The shadow my son saw moving thru the bedroom.

My son Louis has learned that if he wants me to listen to him he has to stay calm. No yelling, no outbursts. He knows I will go off if he lies!

Sunday morning, 4:45am. Slept in past my usual 3am start. To my surprise here comes Louis. He calmly says I saw the outline of a ghost. Then wants to know what today is going to be about. ku that fast to the next subject.

Apparently he saw the shadow move across the room. then leave. Next thing was the knock on the window, dogs go crazy, wife wakes up and wants to know why the banging on the window. She then tells me that both of the have been hearing banging on the floor. like someone is in the basement banging on the ceiling, almost every morning.

My family has begun to get settled in. The spirits are moving about more.

Hopefully we achieve a happy medium!


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