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This is going to sound strange.

I’m hesitant to share, but my sister told me I need to be more transparent don’t hold back. Don’t filter anything. I’ve never had to fabricate a single word on this website, but I’ve left details out when it’s far beyond explanation.

Here’s what happened earlier around 3am.

We have 3 cats, 1 very young, 1 teenager, and 1 you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. I‘m no cat lover but the old guy is a quiet, big bad ass. 2 nights ago we heard him schooling the local cats. It sounded ugly, but he was ok.

Go to the “pics & video” page, you’ll see a video titled “2 State troopers, wives in attic“. it’s a video they sent me showing a tiny ball of light circling them as they sit on the floor in the Attic.

The old cat woke me up today, as he was cornering something behind the door. I Really did not feel like starting my day with the half dead rodent trying to escape this old furry bad ass.

I open the door and the cat strikes, but it was like a firefly for a moment. Then nothing? The cat stayed in attack mode, and made a weird noise. Never taking his eyes off that area of the door.

This is exactly why I don’t chase ghosts! Those of you that do, are more than welcome to come here and do so.

Please do not ask me to join you, I want no part of it. It’s scary enough, that I have seen The outline of a 6’2”+, easily 300 pound man‘s shadow walking in the hall. Now I have to come to terms with tiny floating creepy things?

I want no part of the paranormal, you ghost seekers are on your own!


landlord of the creepy

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