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Touched in the dark, in the Attic.

A party of 2 arrived, and checked into Grumpy' s.

The K2 they were handed upon arrival lit up in their bedroom, so they headed to the


They brought the lighting ball, a small clear ball that lights up

when energy touches it or motion. We keep in the same tray as the K2's for guests.

They made a small circle of dolls, put the

ball in the circle-after a pretty long wait it lit up.

While in the Attic alone, standing in the pitch black. Something came up from

behind and touched the back of Kevin's head. He said it felt like a finger tip. He promptly left the Attic for the night.

Everyone felt it was the little girl.

It was a peaceful, drama free night...perfect!

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Kevin Hazelrigg
Kevin Hazelrigg
Apr 08, 2021

This was a great experience. I felt a presence downstairs immediately when we entered the basement. Ciara had never done anything like this before, but before the night was through, she was talking to what we thought was a little girl on the fireplace hearth. It communicated through the equipment you gave us. The experiences we had in the basement and attic were incredible. I can't wait to come see you and your spirits again very soon.

Replying to

I'm thankful you had fun, and had a opportunity to engage the spirits. We look forward to your return visit!



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