We have visitors, but not just at night.

Wednesday I was in my sons room, contemplating the nightmare called “homeschooling”.

It was cold out, so all windows are closed and locked. The walls can’t leak air, I know because I’m the guy that hired the Foam Insulation crew, to fill the walls, not just 2 or 3 inches but filled. I hate poorly insulated walls.

I’m sitting there wishing my son was back in school. When the damn interior bedroom door slowly closes. Steady, subtle movement to close. Like I wasn’t suppose to notice.

My wife suddenly yells from the command post aka kitchen table, given it’s a big building. Yell, or you’ll not be heard. Asking what I want. I say “nothing”, she says “stop saying Rhea”, which I didn’t. Furthermore I don’t like to yell.

Then yesterday she said she was chilling with Louis in the same bedroom. When for no reason the door slowly closes.

I think the multiple spirits we’ve engaged for years here are waiting. To be engaged, or approached in some fashion.

That’s when all hell’s going to break loose. That’s when the footsteps I hear will escalate.

For now I’ve only been hearing tiny footsteps, and usually 4 to 6 steps but historically there’s more possible. The heavy boots, and high heels are yet to materialize. And when they do they’re loud.

This is the honeymoon phase. The ghosts don’t want to scare us away. Or they remember 14 years ago when I stopped the building demolition by 10 days. On the advice of a famous psychic, I laid down the rules. And stated out loud, “keep away from me, or I’ll tear this building down”. “I’m here to fix your house!”.

She told me to never hunt them, if I wish to be left alone. I never have.

Those of you who are planning to investigate this old building in 2020, will do so without me, or my family.

I think it’s going to be extremely active, and especially the evp’s.

I’m thinking of putting a k2 meter, a mag light, and a digital recorder in every bedroom. Instead of a chocolate on the pillow, you get a ghost hunting tool to use.

I’ll still have chocolate hidden somewhere of course just ask.

if any of you wish to have a date night reserved for the future starting in June, just let me know and I’ll pencil you in.


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