3 ladies from Kentucky, provide notes of their visit.

  • We feel we had a very good “haunting” experience while there.

  • Things started happening as soon as we started. In the bordello room we set Elaine up as “bait”. We all 3 immediately smelled a toilet water perfume smell.

  • In the piano room our KII was maxed out for a full 10 minutes and Bonnie had cold chills which we documented on video. Our equipment then acted real funny saying my SD card was full which I know it wasn’t.

  • In the cellar room where the chain is I got so sick I thought I was going to have to leave. When I feel like that it is a depressive state. It is nothing that is out to hurt someone.

  • We caught on video the ball completely rolling across the floor, stopping, and back to me. While we were up there we heard the motion sensor come on down stairs that I had set up. While downstairs we heard the motion sensor I had set up go off upstairs. So spirits were playing cat and mouse with us.

  • I was really glad to have the other 2 ladies with me. I do 90% alone. I would have done it alone but it would have took every ounce of strength I could muster to go into that cellar room. There is definitely something about the place that “pulls” you into it.

  • The dungeon area is the one place all the workers, avoid in the daytime.

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