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The weirdness started early, for Hunter from Tennessee.

The weirdness started early.

We used the 1st floor area next to the kitchen as base + after prepping the equipment I moved toward the stairs + saw this orb-like thing float across the back door + disappear with my naked eye. This was immediately followed by a voice. I asked my partner Sampson if he just heard that + he said "that wasn't you". The voice recorder caught it. I left him sitting in the piano room + went out to the car. When I came back in he said "what?, what did you want?. I told him I went outside + never said a word. Moved to the basement, heard two thumps upstairs. I thought someone might be knocking on the back door. Went upstairs, nobody at the door or in the yard.

We next headed to the attic. I was in a chair, Sampson was sitting at the top of the stairs. Suddenly he went sliding across the floor away from the stairs. I heard nothing, but, he heard something + it came from behind him on the stairs. The voice recorder caught what sounds like a gravelly voice + then it's quickly drowned out by Sampson's butt slide across the attic floor. Back in the basement, we listened to someone walking around on the 1st floor. Caught it. While in room #4, watching K2 spikes, Sampson says "there is a hand on my leg". After a while he stands up + walks away, I said "why did you leave when something was happening". He said "it wouldn't stop".

We returned to room #4 + Sampson hears his 4th disembodied voice. On the recorder it is a weird yell followed by a howling noise. He thought it came from the back yard.

This was after 3:00 AM on a Sunday night. Sampson then heads outside to take a leak, + I walked down the hall to find the EM pump sucked dry after a recent battery change.

Sampson comes back in + says "something ran up behind me, I heard it + felt it through the ground. I spun around + no one was there". This was the night before the full moon + visibility was excellent. He joked "I may have peed on myself".

On the last trip I caught the brunt of the activity, this time it was my partner.

After getting home we caught multiple EVP's. My favorite is a class A catch of a woman singing "send a new day". We caught it in room #4, but, it was strong enough that the basement recorder also caught it.

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