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Another skeptic cured!

Our visit on 3/31/2018, over the course of 4 hrs!

Arriving at 8pm we where greeted by our host Dawn. After disarming the house we proceeded to do a quick walk through of each floor. This provided us with a sense of how to navigate around and also to be sure no one else was in the house.

Basement: After the walk through we started our investigation in the basement area, this is where Dawn gave us the summary of the home and family. We used multiple tools during our investigation but the first bit of evidence occurred while in the back room of the basement "dungeon". We set up the mag lights for communication, ran k2 meters, and a motion sensor. While talking about the history of that particular room my husband was touched around the neck/ chest area ( skeptic BTW). After that Dawn and Christian decided to get a fire going because it was cold. I stayed in the back room and continued the communication session. I got the mag lights to come on by themselves when I asked about the spirits missing Mary Beth.

Suite #2 Prostitute Vi’s room: Dawn and I decided to go sit in The "prostitutes room", Christian stayed in the basement by the fire. While Dawn and I where attempting communicate in this room we heard what sounded like a grown man walking thru the construction area in the front room near the basement stairs. We literally called out to Christian because we thought he had come up stairs and was looking for us. Turns out he was still sitting exactly where we left him and he did not hear anything at all.

We went back to suite #2 and sat down and a few minutes later Christian came running up the stairs because he said the mag light was going off and on, but what sent him flying was when he looked over at the wood grabber that was hanging up by the fire place it was swinging fairly hard by itself. In that same room later in the night I was alone and heard loud persistent whispering in the hallway, sounded female, my recorder did not pick it up.

Suite #6 Dawn and I went to the second floor, we where in room #6 up there when we heard shuffling directly behind her back 2 times. When we asked if it was Fred and started taking pictures Dawn immediately had to leave the room. She started to feel some sort of physical effect from the spirit possibly. Dawn said, “I felt like I was being bear hugged or man handled”. We had a really great session on the second floor using the dowsing rods, we connected to a spirit called Pearl that seemed to have a very strong presence. ( The women of the house id call her).

Other than that we had a great night, filled with laughter and story sharing...

Everything I hoped it would be and I would pay to come back every weekend and spend a few hours with

Dawn and your ghosts lol

P.s. Don't cover up the family brand on the wood studs it is really neat to be able to see it 😊

Jennifer & Christian

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