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8pm-10pm, small group of 2 plus guide

My group asked me not to tell them any paranormal and happily agreed. I always enjoy guests experiencing events or encounters without me telling them what happens on each floor. Before we even entered the house the female guest told me she is picking up on a little blonde girl with long hair, she didn’t know if it was connected to me or the house. I was instantly impressed. I have two adult sons however, there is a picture inside the house of a little girl with long blonde hair standing in front of the house in the yard. I later showed my guest the picture and she said “that is her!”

As we sat in the dining room and discussed the history of the property we heard footsteps in the piano room. We began our walk through on the first floor, my guest told me she was drawn to the bay window room first, she felt a woman was hiding or cowering due to activity coming from the second floor. As we walked into room #4 across the hall, the knocking on the floor was back again, coming from Cistern room below our feet.

We walked through the second floor and up to the attic. The male guest and I stepped out onto the balcony for some air, the female guest stayed in the room with all the toys alone. Her K2 meter was lighting up to red and holding at red. We could hear her talking and peeked in to see her K2 meter ‘going crazy’ flashing up to red. This continued for about 15 minutes, all 3 of us had K2 meters in our hands but hers was the only one getting activity. It was time for a break, the activity had stopped and it was extremely hot in the attic.

We stepped outside and sat on the steps outside the front door, the front door was left open. We received K2 hits outside up to yellow and orange. We also felt a FREEZING cold on our backs that moved in between us. Now mind you this night was a very hot & humid night. Did someone come through the front door and stand in between us then continue down the front steps?

While sitting outside the female guest shared with me she sensed heavy fighting or arguing going on in the house, specifically the second floor hallway. Which is why the woman was trying to hide on the first floor bay window room.

We went into the basement and sat in the slave quarters. I set up 2 mag lights facing 2 different directions. One turned on and off responding to questions. We saw a shadow standing in the corner of the room. My right hip was rubbed twice. The female guest and I both witnessed the mag light roll as it was being turned on. Plus we both saw a shadow come through the doorway into the room. After this shadow entered the room, the second mag light that had not been turned on starting turning on and off responding to questions.

the dining room using dowsing rods, myself plus the guests had all tried and each of us experienced success with the rods crossing and uncrossing and even moving slowly back to touch our arms. While the female guest was using the rods she also felt a hand on the left side of the back of her neck.

The two hour tour turned into a three and half hour investigation and was well worth the time spent. I always appreciate any small amount of activity I receive from the resident spirits at the house, this night we had a little bit of everything and I thank the spirits as I close up the house and say good night.

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