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Friday Night 10/12/18Group of 6 plus guideI

1st floor: Guests arriving as I am unloading equipment. I set the Rem Pod on the 1st floor staircase & walked back into the piano room to the guests. As we were talking the Rem Pod pegged. We stopped and watched, it continued so we slowly crept over to the staircase to watch. The green & yellow lights were lighting up as it beeped. This continued for approximately 10 minutes or more. It would respond to questions, we conducted small investigation session prior to the history & tour. I needed to unlock the basement & get some equipment. I asked the group if they minded if I left them, they said to go ahead they would continue. Upon my return, the guests said the Rem Pod stopped after I walked out the front door. Basement/Dungeon: Two maglights on the concrete block facing different directions. The maglight facing the wall was the only one to turn on when asked. I asked several questions with the light turning on & off upon request. I asked the guests to try, the spirit responded to them as well. Several of them asked different questions, they were extremely pleased with the responses. The girl sitting next to me said she felt something on her lower back. She was worried it was a bug. I asked if she would like me to check, there was nothing on her back nor around where she was sitting. Throughout the 1st & 2nd floors a few KII’s pegs on the guests meters. The highest being the third light, yellow. Attic: A maglight was set on a chair, the group sat in chairs vs. the floor. It took a bit of coaxing before the light finally turned on & off. We returned to the 1st floor to get more equipment and make some battery changes. I asked the guests where they like to go next. Back to the attic we went armed with dowsing rods. The Rem Pod was moved to the 2nd on our way back. I demonstrated how to hold and use the rods. Three to four of the guests held the rods and they crossed and uncrossed to answer several different questions. The mag light was moved to a different chair in the corner of the room. It also would respond turning on and off to the questions. We wondered if we had more than one spirit in the attic with us. I advised to ask using the dowsing rods, the rods responded telling us yes. While using the rods, guests sitting close to the attic entrance heard footsteps on the 2nd floor. We listened for a bit then I asked if they wanted to go check it out, they said no. I asked if they minded if I went to the floor below to take some pictures, I wanted to get on that floor due to the footsteps heard. The guests didn’t mind and returned shortly after photographing each room and the hallway from both ends. The guests were still using the dowsing rods however, they were trying an experiment. Three of them sitting on the floor each holding one rod. Incredible as each rod would move one after the other or all point in the same direction. We spent most of our time in the attic and had a blast. All good things must come to an end, it was a bit past time to go. Great night, very happy the spirits were out and about using our equipment and walking around on the 2nd floor. 

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