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3 people, footsteps, and male voices..

Thursday January 17,2019

3 people 6pm-8pm

Tour for a high school student’s history project

The tour began in the basement. I only brought in a few pieces of paranormal equipment expecting to spend an hour on the walk to show historical features of the building for the project. If you have ever visited the hotel you are aware time stands still in this mystical building and we were there for a little over two hours due to the paranormal activity we experienced.

We visited the fireplace room first, I had the young lady hold the KII/EMF detector for the tour. The KII meter began to peg up to the second green and third yellow color. We then entered the slave quarters, two maglights were set on the concrete block. I started with simple questions asking if anyone were with us to turn on one of the lights. Five minutes or so passed before we received a response from one of the lights turning on. I wasn’t giving up after only five minutes and made it clear no one was there to hurt them, we were thrilled after that statement one of the lights came on. We spent a lot of time in this room receiving “answers” from the maglights turning on, as to answer yes, and turning off upon request.

To the best of my recollection some of the questions we asked were:

Are you a boy? No response

Are you a male or a man? One maglight turned all the way on very bright.

Do you like the construction upstairs? Neither light turned on.

Have you been upstairs to look at the constructions? The light turned on.

Have you been lonely due to no one visiting in a while? The light turned on.

The two guests asked questions also, we continued for quite a while as long as we were getting reactions from the lights.

A spirit box was used, we wanted to hopefully hear someone using this method. Questions were asked, we waited patiently listening carefully. As we asked questions the maglights continued to respond. Finally a mans voice was heard through the device, it was inaudible. We were happy to hear it regardless and continued to try. As we were gathered around the spirit box in anticipation, a noise came from the fireplace room. I heard it and looked at the young lady and could see in her face she heard it too. I glanced at the doorway and glanced back at her and asked “you heard that too, didn’t you?” She shyly replied “yes!” Me, being me, cannot let a noise go without heading toward it. I stepped into the doorway to look, stepped into the room and asked who is in here, we heard you make a noise, will you do it again please? I waited and looked around the room just watching for any movement to no avail. I heard my guests in the doorway, we decided to go upstairs to see the rest of the house.

Second floor, at the top of the staircase I asked my guests which way left or right, where are your feeling pulled to? My young student said right and it was a good choice. The bedroom on the left front gave us KII meter pegs. The spirit box was used again and we heard a man with an accent. I advised my guests I have EVP’s of a man speaking German from many years ago captured on this floor. With the spirit box still running (as you may know the static scanning can be fairly loud) the young lady and I both heard one to two footsteps come from the attic. They sounded like they were right above us. Again when I heard them I immediately looked at her

and could see by her expression, she heard it too. As she was looking at me I pointed up and she shook her head yes. We discussed we both heard the same thing.

The walk through all the rooms on the second floor was complete, we headed up to the attic.

In the attic we walked around before settling to sit and try the dowsing rods. I began so I could demonstrate. Little did she know I had in mind I wanted her to use them next. I asked if there were a little girl in the attic and the rods crossed (established this is a yes prior to starting). I asked to uncross the rods and they did. I then asked if there were a little boy, nothing happened the rods stayed straight in front of me. I continued with questions such as do you miss your toys, would you like me to bring some, etc. The dowsing rods crossed for yes and uncrossed when requested. I only asked a few questions as I wanted to save the spirits energy for my young lady. She eagerly agreed to hold them. As I helped her get “set” with the dowsing rods I was quite impressed as this was her first time trying them she looked like a pro! We asked more questions and the spirit obliged by crossing and uncrossing the rods. My last attempt I asked if the spirit would push the rods all the way back to touch the young lady’s arms. They slowly moved apart and we could see the spirit was trying to move them as I had asked. They had spread apart fairly far however, we could see she just didn’t have the strength to comply completely. My student described to us how she was impressed with the dowsing rods, watching them move in her hands and she knew it was not her moving them, the feeling of coldness on her forearms as they were in her hands and a tingly slight electric feeling.

The attic was our last stop and we ended the tour, thanked the spirits and asked them not to follow any of us home. The activity has me feeling enthusiastic to come back and investigate again very soon!

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