Sounds like a cannon, seriously.

Updated: Jun 26

It was before sundown, I was in front watering a tree I transplanted.

Rhea came out and said "did you hear that?" I heard nothing, felt nothing...

The 3 overnight guests, unpacking into the Bay Window suite, they heard it, and felt the building.

It's been a few months since we heard this, but this time we have more details because the guests were on the 2nd floor.

It came from the attic, they heard a cannon fire, felt the floor shake, and then a few moments later something hitting the floor, being dragged down the hall, then nothing? In the past people have heard what sounds like a huge heavy something being dragged down the stairs, this has only been heard 2x's in my 14 years. Furthermore the silverware on the plates in the breakroom, 2nd floor fell off the plates and the table was moved 6 inches-the guests were in the came from the attic...

In grumpy' s room, I-phone flashlights would not work, until walking out of the room. Then they worked just fine?

A male voice whispered in a girls ear, while in bed. "WE ARE ALL HERE!" she said she froze!

A female voice in the attic said, "HELP ME!"

A small boy spirit, followed next to the 18 yr old birthday boy pulling on his pant leg several times...

Rocking chair was rocking n the attic, the child size one. This is becoming more common.

Here's a weird one, a small floor mat by the tub. The mother of the 3 guests kept fixing the rug, the corner kept being turned over. The kids say they never touched it, this went on for hours last night.

Shadow was seen peering around the door leading into the slave dungeon.

It was a busy Friday night!!!!

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