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It was her birthday!

We like to spoil our guests, it's fun.

Rhea made a birthday cake for our guests so cute, it was hard to cut it.

Red Velvet cake, and our birthday girl also had paranormal activity on her Birthday.

The icing is simple butter cream, dash of cream cheese and Organic.

Cake flour organic, beet juice coloring as well.

We don't charge for b-day cake, it's for fun!

From our guest...

It was absolutely amazing!! Rhea and Patrick are amazing hosts!! Best red velvet cake I’ve had! There were some birthday guests that were unseen(ghosts), but very vocal(all sorts of noises, and words). Cannot recommend this place high enough! Patiently waiting our next trip.

And we were definitely spoiled and the experience was beyond anything we’ve ever had! Thanks to all at Morse Mill hotel.

Hope to see you again soon!

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