• Landlord of the creepy!

Wednesday 12/9/2020 05:08

Updated: Feb 14

As I sit here close to the 1 year anniversary of my family and myself moving into the 1st floor of the Hotel I have to think about

the decision to occupy the building. It was a huge gamble.

The first thing I have to say, the entities that have proven to us and others that they exist in the basement, 1st floor as well as the upper floors have for the most part left us alone. But visitors that call them out, get exactly what they ask for! We never call the spirits, we leave them alone. Family that stays here will tell you the same thing. They sleep upstairs, no activity. It’s as if the spirits are respectful of our wishes.

The fact is we love ❤️ the building. It’s big spacious, and very well built. It is full of noises day and night, but we don’t mind. We are going to finish our work here, and move on to the next adventure. But this place will always be a part of us.

It’s interesting how people are afraid of what they don’t know. I‘m more spooked by wolves masquerading as harmless, and desperate individuals than the footsteps, and the unexplained noises.

When we sell it, I’m sure the new owner will experience the same thing. I am not getting younger, and my 8 year old is growing fast. So it’s a tough decision

One thing for sure I have achieved my goal. Save the building!

We’ll keep you posted!


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