Hotel groundskeeper on his 1st ghost hunt..White mist in fireplace room, moving low to the ground.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Arrived at 8pm, met with Tour guide Dawn, total of 5 guests.

Started tour on the 2nd floor, the middle bathroom felt strange to everyone. Everyone felt it.

While in the attic they had a Mag-lite flash when prompted too.

Things changed in the basement however, specifically in the fireplace and dungeon room. While the ladies were in the dungeon room, I stepped back into the fireplace room, i saw some small misty like shape in the corner of my eye moving towards the door when dawn's spirit box went off in the other room. It's so fast it's like nothing else I've seen.

We then switched rooms, dawn used dowsing rods and started asking for names. She said the name Annabelle and the Mag-lite in the chain room lit up full power, just 3 feet in front of me. She said whatever spirt was in that room with me was a male, so unsure about why that name drew the reaction it did.

One of the guests, Stephanie, said she was touched by something here as well.

Back on 3rd floor, the grumpy old man room had a fist indent in the mattress that wasn't there a hour before. Dawn asked grumpy if he'd been observing me work the grounds the past few weeks and we got a Mag-light flash before I left for the evening.

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